The Tom DeLay Legal Defense Fund is a trust established to pay legal fees and related expenses for the proceedings in Austin, Texas.  Upon retiring from Congress, former Majority Leader Tom DeLay closed his previous defense fund, which adhered to specific laws and provisions governing Members of Congress, and established a new fund for private citizens.  His decision to maintain a Defense Fund is due to the overwhelming response by friends and supporters who want to stand with him in his legal battles, particularly the criminalization of politics.



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The Legal Defense Fund may accept contributions of any type or amount and it is structured so that contributions are not taxable to Tom DeLay.  Donations will be deemed gifts to Tom DeLay for U.S. income and gift tax purposes.  The trust will terminate when the trustees determine that the legal matters are completed and all obligations met.  Any remaining funds will be transferred to charitable organizations.  Donors should consult with their personal tax advisor regarding any gift tax consequences.  Donations to the Legal Defense Fund are not tax deductible.

The trustees of the Legal Defense Fund are Brent Perry (713-334-6628;, a Houston attorney, and Craig Richardson (703-288-3639;, a chief fundraiser of Tom DeLay while he served in Congress.  Perry and Richardson also managed the former defense fund operating under the rules of the House of Representatives.  Please contact them with any questions.
Those wishing to contribute, should make checks payable to Tom DeLay Defense Fund.  Checks can be sent to:

Mr. Brent Perry, Esq.
    Attorney at Law
800 Commerce St.
Houston, TX  77002